Monday, October 14, 2019



Littrell Radiology provides consultation on most aspects of radiography and patient care, with emphasis on the interpretation of imaging studies and the generation of radiological reports. Littrell Radiology will also advise on issues of quality control and diagnostic imaging protocols. Emergency interpretations through digital photographs and email, telephone consultations, and on-call services are also provided.


Digital Radiography Services


The procedures for interpretation of digital radiographs is similar to the procedures for traditional plain film. Contact Littrell Radiology by email or by phone and we will set up a secure folder to upload your images and the history and release forms. Billing for digital radiography is the same as for traditional plain film, but can be conveniently invoiced each month to the chiropractor’s office if direct billing is desired.


Shipping Films


Littrell Radiology provides Business Reply Mailers (BRM) for shipping films and the required forms. The use of these BRMs allows the postage to be paid by Littrell Radiology, and provides a quick and efficient method to transport films. Radiographs are generally delivered to Littrell Radiology within 2-3 days, and are mailed back to the referring chiropractor within 1-2 days. Chiropractors within the Quad Cities, Iowa City, Coralville, and all points in between are offered a door-to-door courier service on an as-needed basis.


Billing Options


Billing options for radiological interpretation services are made at the discretion of the referring chiropractor. Radiological interpretation is billed at $40 per region when third party billing is requested. When payment is received directly from the chiropractor’s office or directly from the patient, a 20% cash discount will be applied. PA and lateral chest radiographs are interpreted without charge when accompanied by a thoracic series.


Continuing Education Lectures for Local, State, National, and World Chiropractic Organizations


Dr. Littrell’s greatest professional rewards often result from the education of a student. With more than thirteen years of teaching experience in radiology, physical examination and diagnosis, and clinical psychology, she remains passionate about the education of chiropractors. Dr. Littrell is available for continuing education seminars, district meetings, state organization conventions, etc. Please use the Contact tab above for further information.